empty. Jiang Lun looked at the staff and gave the phone back to the employee. He turned and left the office. The staff looked at the back of Jiang Lun s departure. It was a bit strange. Didn t Jiang manager say that they all work overtime in their office today EXIN Certification Why did you suddenly leave Then these people, do you still h.ave to work overtime Jiang Lun drove back TMap it exam home and saw Jiang Jin sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. Seeing Jiang Lun s face came in a decadent, Jiang Jin looked at him thoughtfully, this look, seems to be in love Why, haven t you found your girlfriend Jiang Jin put down his financial newspaper and asked. Little uncle, cool, said, I want to break up with me, what should I do TMap Jiang Lun looked up and looked at his uncle. Jiang Jin heard Jiang Lun s words, and it was not unexpected The breakup broke up, and you can t find a girlfriend. But I don t want to break up, I like to be cool. Jiang Lun said quietly. That is your business, just recently the company has to send people to go to the city of business trip, you go there just to distract yourself. Jiang Jin finished, he stood up, long legs, went upstairs. Jiang Lun looked at the empt

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
EX0-113 TMap Next Foundation EXIN TMap
TMPTE TMap NEXT Test Engineer EXIN TMap

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