the shopping cart to the cool side, raising his hand and choosing two snacks and putting it back in the shopping cart, then looking cool. So, can you Cool and cool, the banquet is gentle, and the four words of the inch are instantly displayed OSS-DB Certification in the cool body. OSS-DB it exam After a lot of fighting, the two men bargained and finally left the snack area. Of course, there are some small snacks in the shopping cart that are hard to fight for. When I was in the vegetable fresh area, I was cold and blinked. I watched the banquet standing seriously in the vegetables and carefully selected the green peppers. I am going to go, President Ji has such OSS-DB a grounded side Cool out of the phone, sneaking the phone to the camera column, quietly aiming at the man who carefully selected the green pepper three meters away. Hey Press the shutter and a s.light sound. In the picture on the phone, the man s perfect side face, simply Nima is too handsome, it is worthy of the school male god. Cool and heart wrenching, I really want to slap the screen cool and think that I have done a seamless day

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
OSDBG-01 OSS-DB Exam Gold OSS-DB OSS-DB Certification
OSDBS-01 OSS-DB Exam Silver OSS-DB OSS-DB Certification

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