I am back, I will not leave you again. Hey , it s Microsoft Certification a big play, it s eight o clock. Dog blood drama It is a pity that the female starring role is impeccable, but the family banquet does not cooperate, and there is no slight fluctuation on the face. Then, when I look at Zhong Yaran s line of sight, how can I feel wrong The eyes of the banquet seem to say Where is this sjb Cool and watching the drama, I suddenly feel that this is also an art. You look at the number of people who speak Zhong Yaran. In a few words, I mentioned the feelings of growing up together and growing up. The ambiguous words seem to say that Zhong Yaran and the banquet were related before. This, Microsoft Developer the cool has to be convinced. If you change to another woman, I heard that my boyfriend, Qingmeizhu, is coming to.the door, I am afraid that Microsoft Developer it exam it will be troubled. It s not a normal person to cool, but you don t worry at all. Ji Yan, do you have time, let s talk about it. Zhong Yaran saw that he said so much. There is no one in front of this man and a woman who talks to her. This is too much, just like she is acting alone Cool did not say it, y

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
98-361 Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-362 Windows Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-363 Web Development Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer
98-372 Microsoft .NET Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Developer

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