he man s CCA face, directly extended a small hand in front of the man Do you want me to do it or do you hand it over This time, there is a broken map on the team. If you find the map, you can win the final victory and win the prize. There is the ability to bring it yourself. The man looked rogue, and he did not believe that Du Liangliang could not search for it. The girl would have a little bit of care. However, the coolness refreshed the man s three views again. Citrix Certification Cool said hold heart, oh, what is that stuff The line of sight swept from top to bottom on the man, and then determined where the thing was tied. In the man s wrong sight, the cool hand stretched out th.e man s collar and took a small copy from his lined pocket. map. Hussein raised the map in front of the man, and smiled coolly. The men s teammates silently silently mourned for this pig teammate, knowing that, and Du Liangliang is doing the right thing, it CCA it exam is not awkward, and the light is in the pit. The coolness quickly ran away until her figure disappeared and the man was still in the air. I found Lucerne, the two gathered, cool and took out the map that was just found out from the two small shrimps. Lucian saw the map in the cool hand and couldn t help but erect a thumbs at her. Cool, you have to protect me later, I am relying on you today. No prob

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Y0-A19 Citrix XenDesktop 5 Basic Administration Citrix CCA
1Y0-A20 Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration Citrix CCA
1Y0-A21 Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.2 Citrix CCA
1Y0-A24 Citrix XenServer 5.6 Administration Citrix CCA
1Y0-A26 Citrix XenServer 6.0 Administration Citrix CCA
1Y0-A28 Implementing NetScaler 10 for Networking and Traffic Optimization Citrix CCA

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