to the cool arms. The magnetic voice said Flower, you forgot to take it. Chu mother looked at the man and thought of Jiang Jiang s words The daughter has a boyfriend, since she is holding her as a mother, at this moment, there is only one feeling in the mother of Chu that is, the heart Chapter 214, this friend, hello 10 The weather is getting colder. There is a saying in the words. The north is physical damage, while the so.uth is magical damage. It can penetrate clothes. The Ariba cool cold wind is pervasive and the legs are frozen into ice. The cool body is just wearing a small suit, wrapped in Ariba Certification a camel windbreaker, and the slender figure is beautiful. But at this moment, the cool station came out of the company, without the warm air conditioning, the cold wind blowing, the cool only felt the Chuchu frozen people this weather, it is almost necessary to freeze people into popsicles. Drip The car whistle sounded. I was preparing to go to the Ariba it exam coolness of driving, and I was on the shackles of a man sitting in the car. Lu Qingxi saw a woman who was shrunk into a group. She was so angry and funny. She walked down from the car and walked down. She walked away from her down jacket and walked to her front to stop. Her arms stretched and she wrapped the down jacket. Cool body, but also carefully pulled her zipper. I don t know how to wear mor

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
5A0-100 ARIBA CERTIFIED APPLICATION DEVELOPER-Ariba buyer v7 Ariba Ariba Certification
5A0-120 Ariba Certified Catalog Adminsitrator-Ariba Buyer Ariba Ariba Certification
5A0-130 Ariba Certified Procurement Specialist Ariba Ariba Certification

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